Board Members

Machalina (Elly) Seinstra


Born: 1951
Nationality: Dutch
Appointed: February 6, 2013
Current term: AGM 2017

Mrs. Seinstra began her career as a lawyer in 1985. Subsequently, she was general manager legal affairs both at MeesPierson and at Fortis Bank in the Netherlands and Belgium, as of 1994 until 2002. Thereafter, Mrs. Seinstra was Senior Legal Counsel at Shell International in London and The Hague, after which she was appointed Group Legal Director and General Counsel of TNT N.V. in 2005. As of mid 2007, Mrs. Seinstra has been active as legal consultant to a broad variety of companies in the Netherlands. She is specialized in regulatory matters, contract law, banking law and company law and has broad experience with international regulated companies.

Mrs. Seinstra is married.